Klipsch Jubilee 75th Anniversary SE


75th Anniversary edition of Klipsch founder Paul W. Klipsch’s (PWK) final dream project. hinta yksittäiselle


Klipcsh Heritage Premium-sarja

Kaikki Klipsch Heritage Premium-sarjan kaiuttimet tekevät suoraan kunniaa yrityksen perustajalle Paul W. Klipschille, jonka tutkimuksiin ja käytännön toteutuksiin nämä kaiuttimet nojasivat ja edelleen nojaavat. Heritage Premium -sarjan kaiuttimien kotelot on kaikki käsin koottu Yhdysvalloissa, Arkansasissa. Jokainen Heritage-sarjan kaiutinpari on sovitettu keskenään käyttäen vain kuvioltaan yhteensopivia puuviiluja ja niiden peilikuvia.

Heritage Premium -kaiuttimet on saatavana useilla erilaisilla puuviiluvaihtoehdoilla (kirsikka, tammi, pähkinäpuu jne.) sekä korkealaatuisena satiinin mustana. Suojaritilä on eri tammi-puuviilulle (lampaanvilla)

A Paul W. Klipsch Dream Come True

The Klipsch Jubilee is founder Paul W. Klipsch’s (PWK) final project. His dream was to create a loudspeaker to satisfy even the most ardent audiophiles. Originally intended to be the successor to the Klipschorn, PWK soon realized it was much more than that.

From Dreams to Reality

Designed to deliver the ultimate listening experience, the Klipsch Jubilee is a fully horn-loaded two-way loudspeaker incorporating the latest acoustic technology, including a patented horn-loaded vented low frequency enclosure and an all-new horn-loaded compression driver.

Concert Quality at Home

Musically accurate, the Klipsch Jubilee features an optimal active crossover designed for perfect phase coherency. You get smooth, effortless performances as though the musicians are in the room.

Feel the Music

The Klipsch Jubilee’s one-dimensional, folded-horn vented system creates an unparalleled listening experience:

  • Maximizes output while minimizing distortion for clean, dynamic bass
  • Leverages efficiencies of both vented and horn loaded systems

External Wide Dispersion Phase Plug

A wider, more even dispersion of high frequencies delivers an improved soundstage and imaging to hit that all-important sweet spot.

State-of-the-Art High-Frequency Compression Driver

  • Lowers crossover point below mid-range frequencies for seamless clarity
  • High-efficiency, maximum output, minimal distortion
  • Axiperiodic design ensures extended response and effortless performances

Active Crossover for Cleaner Sound

The active crossover maximizes output and adjusts the driver’s time delay and phase for true-to-life sound.

Heirloom-Quality, Showstopping Design

Beautifully crafted, these legendary speakers are available in book-matched real wood veneer in Teak.

75 Years + A Little Something Extra

The limited-edition Klipsch Jubilee 75th anniversary Heritage speakers feature a unique real wood teak veneer and lambswool cloth grille. Each pair of 75th Anniversary Klipsch Jubilees also include an exclusive, engraved commemorative album-sized box with:

  • 75th-anniversary book
  • 75th-anniversary poster
  • 75th-anniversary logo lighted sign
  • A pair of Klipsch T5 II True Wireless earphones engraved with the 75th anniversary logo
  • A set of four leather coasters
  • Free one-year membership to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History
  • A three-month Qobuz membership
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Certificate detailing care instructions for the diamond chip and 75th logo

American Ingenuity

The Klipsch Heritage Series is proudly designed and assembled in Hope, Arkansas, right where Paul W. Klipsch started it all back in 1946. Each speaker is built to order, meaning that every Heritage speaker is uniquely yours. You will want to pass these speakers onto future generations.

A New Flagship

You wanted the best, you got the best. The Klipsch Jubilee is taking its place as the new Heritage series flagship speaker.

10 Year Warranty

Because Klipsch Heritage speakers are built to last, we stand behind a 10 year warranty on all current and future generations of Heritage Classic Speakers.


Tekniset tiedot:

  • Taajuusvaste (+/- 4 dB): 18Hz – 20kHz
  • Herkkyys: 105 dB
  • Tehonsieto (jatkuva/piikki): 300 / 1200W (LF), 100, 400W (HF)
  • Nimellisimpedanssi: 8, 16 ohm (LF, HF)
  • Minimi impedanssi: 3.5, 7.6 ohm (LF, HF)
  • Jakotaajuus: 450Hz ja 4500Hz
  • Paino: 185kg
  • Mitat (K x L x S): 175.3cm x 127cm x 76.2cm
  • Ostoskori on tyhjä.