Audiovector R8


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Audiovector R8 -lattiakaiutin

The new Audiovector Cross Woven Sandwich Carbon Driver is made to improve our already class leading drivers: Much lighter, stiffer and more sound dead membranes to produce a faster and more uncolored sound. Our new membranes are made from precision woven aramid fibers, sandwiched with artificial wood resin.

A delicate balance combining our award-winning internal isobaric compound bass system with a hand built 4-inch rear firing bass/midrange driver. Seamlessly integrated with the new Audiovector quasi rear firing 3rd generation Air Motion Transformer tweeter.

Cryogenically treated 7-nines pure copper asymmetrical wiring and Audiovector Nanopore damping material gives a smooth and natural musical reproduction.

The Freedom® earth grounding system, engineered by Audiovector, is a complex distortion eliminating construction. The effect of Freedom® brings about improved overtones, lower noise floor, increased image depth with tighter focus and wider soundstage. You will also find that pace, dynamics and musical expression have surpassed existing standards.

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Toistoalue: 22Hz – 52 kHz
Diskantti: Kolmannen sukupolven AMT akustisella linssillä
Keskialue/bassoelementti: 6.5″ Carbon
Kotelotyyppi: 8+6,5″ isobaarinen bassorefleksi
Jakotaajuudet: 100 Hz / 250 Hz / 3 kHz
Tehonkesto: 500 W
Mitat: ( K x L x S): 1442 x 327 x 533 mm
Värit: valkoinen, musta, harmaa ja pähkinä

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