Pass Labs Xs 300

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Luonnollinen evoluutio X-sarjan vahvistimista maatajärisyttävällä A-luokan antoteholla, hinta/pari


We began thinking about and working on a new amplifier design, initially referred to as the “Concept Amp” about ten years ago. We felt that it was time for us to improve and build on the “X” amplifier design but to extend it to higher sonic performance.

Our first decision was that the amplifier should exist in a two chassis format so that we could make the power supply larger and isolate it physically from the amplifier channel for improved noise. We also decided to build it with as much heat sinking as possible so that we had a wide margin to use high bias on the output stages of the amplifier.


The Xs series monoblock power amplifiers represent the reference-quality, state-of-art amplifiers from Pass Laboratories. Through years of ”spare no effort” endeavor, they represent the true pinnacle of music reproduction.

The Xs 300 delivers 300 watts, employs separate power supply and amplifier chassis’ for lower noise and utilizes higher power constant-current source.

Single-ended bias current not only lowers distortion, but facilitates better control of its harmonic structure, tweaked and optimized through endless listening tests for your musical pleasure.

Xs300 omistajan käsikirja ja vapaa sana Passilta vahvistinta koskien

Tekniset tiedot

Hinta parille
Tyyppi: A-luokkainen monopäätevahvistin ja ulkoinen virtalähde
Vahvistus (dB): 26
Antoteho (8Ω): 300 W
Päätetransistoreja/kanava: 112
Tehon kulutus: 900 W (aktiivinen), <1 W (standby)
Mitat (L x K x S): 483 x 280 x 700mm (per vahvistin, tai virtalähde)
Paino: 60.8 / 78 kg

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