Abundant power, a compact chassis and energy efficiency to satisfy the most ecologically minded homeowner? C15


Mono Power Amplifier MBL C15

The audio engineer’s amplifier wish list? Abundant power, a compact and elegant chassis, clean lines with dynamic shape, and energy efficiency to satisfy the most ecologically minded homeowner. Can such attributes exist in an audio amplifier? They already do in the MBL C15 monoblock. This MBL audio component can go into Green Standby at the touch of a button, with the C15 consuming less than 1 VA. But don’t be deceived. Capable of unleashing 500 watts of output in an instant, the sleek, high-end C15 is ideally suited to satisfy the demands of any speaker without missing a beat, thanks to LASA – MBL’s Linear Analogue Switching Amplifier technique. This proprietary technology ensures a composed, serene performance is maintained while delivering a warm yet detailed sound with extremely low distortion across the frequency range. Even in the largest of listening rooms, the C15 can pair with a broad range of speakers to deliver unruffled, vivid natural sound.

It’s not magic…it’s LASA

MBL’s LASA amplifier technology combines the best capabilities of traditional Class A and Class AB amplifiers with the efficiency of switch-mode topology. LASA delivers the homogeneous THD curve of Class A operation, the stable frequency response (even with complex loudspeaker loads) of Class A / B circuits, and the high efficiency of a class D amplifier. The result is a power amplifier circuit that remains completely poised even under very complex loudspeaker loads. LASA delivers a live-in-studio experience of captivating sound that immerses every listener in a musical wave of notes, timbres and melodies. Quell your thirst.

HUOM! Kappalehinta

Tekniset tiedot:

  • Jatkuva teho: >500 W (2Ω), 500 W (4Ω), 280 W (8Ω)
  • Otot: 2x XLR
  • Annot: 2 paria Kaiutinlähdöt (bi-wire), XLR (pass-through)
  • Muut liitännät: MBL SmartLink, SD-kortti (päivittämiseen)
  • Antovirta: 36 A (max)
  • Mitat (L x K x S): 450 x 145 x 427 mm
  • Paino: 22 kg

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