MBL 9011

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9011 delivers a studio-clear, non-electronic sound that hearkens to the golden analog age of musical purity. kpl


Mono – Stereo Power Amplifier MBL 9011

The 9011 features everything that its smaller sibling, the 9008 A, has to offer – and then some. It begins with the delivery of more long-term power output and short-term current distribution, a feat achieved by way of three groups of eight output transistors each, eight electrolytic and charging capacitors, plus a third 400VA toroidal transformer to further increase charging speed and facilitate speaker load matching. Total control. Its heft in power is matched by a total component weight that eclipses an anchor on a luxury yacht. This 95 kg (215 lbs) colossus unleashes up to 50 amps of peak current and a pulse output of up to five kilowatts into a 2 Ohm load. The result? Despite the amplifier’s huge on-board power reserves, the 9011 delivers a studio-clear, non-electronic sound that hearkens to the golden analog age of musical purity. Unrelenting, even when powering low-impedance speakers, the amplifier presents pitch-black backgrounds and remains nimble and tight across the audio band, with blistering high-frequency transients, a rich and airy three-dimensional midrange, and a fully extended, well-dampened bottom-end. The MBL 9011 delivers the full spectrum of front-row, concert-like sound reproduction from your cherished music.

Silent Reserve – Switchable Mains Transformers

The commanding 9008 A Reference Line power amplifier houses two toroidal transformers, whereas the 9011 has three, which can be switched on or off using a rocker switch on the rear of the chassis. The additional network transformers do not change the power output, but they favorably influence the sound impression and contribute to speaker load-matching. In the two-pack and even more effectively in the three-pack, the huge output capacitors are charged even faster and bring the speakers even closer to their peak potential. The sound is inspiring, extremely precise, fluid and natural. With fewer transformer windings, every music performance sounds live, active, and buoyant. With the option to fine tune the use of the transformers, the sound of the 9011 can be flawlessly adapted to different room conditions or optimized to the speaker’s impedance curve. Huom! kappalehinta

Tekniset tiedot:

  • Pulssi teho (mono/stereo): 5000 / 2400 W (2Ω)
  • Jatkuva teho (mono/stereo): 1390 / 330 W (2Ω), 840 / 210 W (4Ω), 440 / 130W (8Ω)
  • Sisäänotto impedanssi: 20 kΩ, XLR (mono), 10kΩ, RCA (stereo)
  • Antovirta: 50 A (max)
  • Mitat (L x K x S): 480 x 317.5 x 912.5 mm
  • Paino: 95 kg

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