MBL 6010 D

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Retains the DNA that had renowned audiophile magazines the world over crowning it as the Reference Preamplifier.


Der Vorverstärker – The MBL 6010 D Preamplifier

The #Disappointment is one you’ll likely NEVER see when it comes to the performance of the internationally renowned Der Vorverstärker. Few electronic devices are regarded as legendary within the critical high-end audio community, yet the MBL 6010 preamplifier achieved this status in the ʼ80s and has maintained it to this day. Over the past thirty years it has built upon its storied reputation for flexibility, transparency, low-noise floor, and fast, clean transient response. Its baroque, oversized chassis design, with its name ornately inscribed fixed in 24 carat gold lettering on the lacquered acrylic faceplate, is instantly recognized and coveted as the famous Der Vorverstärker – The Preamplifier. Designed as a perfect tool for listening comparisons in the MBL development lab, it was first used as a control center in hi-fi dealers’ listening studios. It soon found its way to high-end audio fans eager to own the versatile, neutral-sounding. solid-state preamplifier.

Today, the current MBL 6010 D preamplifier retains the electronic DNA that had renowned audiophile magazines the world over crowning it as the Reference Preamplifier. Marvel at six separately controllable analogue inputs, delight in two separately adjustable output groups and, upon request, enjoy an MC phono module with enough gain to power low output cartridges. Overall volume is monitored by a custom-designed precision potentiometer with high tracking accuracy between the channels, allowing for greater image dimensionality and width of the soundstage. With over three decades of careful development and enhancement, the MBL 6010 D is a precision instrument, possibly the quietest, most pristine-sounding Vorverstärker you’ll ever hear.

Tekniset tiedot:

  • Sisääntulot: 2x CD, High level/Tuner, 2x Tape, Pass through, XLR (2x lisäoptiolla), Phono MC (Lisä optio)
  • Ulostulot: Group 1: XLR, 2x RCA, Group 2: XLR, 2x RCA
  • SNR: 103/109 dB (CD), 1V / 25 Ohm, 102/108 dB (High level) 1V / 25 Ohm
  • Mitat (L x K x S): 530 x 242.5 x 391 mm
  • Paino: 22 kg

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