Duevel Galaxy


Duevelin ympärisäteilevät kaiuttimet saavat uuden värikkään seuralaisen tähtien takaa. Hinta/pari.



Fancy something new…

What about two wonderful sounding galaxies in your exhibition space or home?

We would like to present you our latest speaker creation: the GALAXY.
For all, to meet the high demands on
sound quality and a high quality design.
The omnidirectional radiation ensures optimum sound distribution over the entire frequency range and in the entire room.
The compact size and the possibility of a pleasant Ambient light through the sound lenses, give this loudspeaker a wonderfully easy appearance in every living room.

The GALAXY is a 2 way system with 17cm woofer and a 2.5cm horn sweeter, it is 95cm high, 28cm (31cm) deep and 23cm (30cm) wide. GALAXY comes with a black or acrylic acoustic lens, the latter of which can be illuminated.


Kotelon koko (l x k x s): 225 x 995 x 280 mm
Paino: 19 kg
Toimintaperiaate: ympärisäteilevä 2-tie, refleksi
Bassokeskiääni: 170 mm
Diskantti: 25 mm, torvi
Herkkyys: 87 dB
Nimellisimpedanssi: 4 ohm
Taajuusvaste: 40 – 20 000 Hz (±3 dB)
Tehonkesto: 60 W
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