Atacama Audition

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Atacama Audition

The Audition Series Speaker stands have a large 360mm by 225mm laser cut top plate and can be used with either dimension being front facing. This allows both large, wide but shallow speakers to be supported as well as the more numerous deep cabinet types.

The Audition Series are supplied in a Satin Black paint finish or Diamond White as a cost option.

Each pair of Audition stands are equipped with new 5mm thick laser cut carbon steel base plates, eight heavy duty BZP 8mm adjustable floor spikes featuring stainless steel detailed top caps and upgraded High Load Trapezoidal (HLT) Isolation Gel Pads for the top plates.

We recommend that each pair are mass loaded with Atabites in order to maximize their sonic potential (see below for quantity guidance and recommendations on the amount of mass filler to use).

Floor spikes and HLT Isolation Gel pads are included with each pair of stands, with the option of adding Atabite mass loading filler, top spikes and spike shoes if required.

As these speaker stands use isolation spikes, two sets of four Atacama HD-L (Nickel finish) spike shoes are recommended to protect delicate floor coverings.

Single stands can be supplied if required; please contact your local Atacama stockist or the Atacama sales department on 01455 283251 for pricing and availability (UK only).

Audition speaker stands are designed and manufactured in the UK.

These are a specialist speaker stand, so are made to order. Allow 2-3 week manufacturing times.

Tekniset tiedot:

Alaosan levykoko (L x S): 400 x 305mm

Yläosan levykoko (L x S): 360 x 225mm

Maksimi kaiuttimen paino: 20kg/teline


Audition 300 335mm
Audition 400 435mm
Audition 500 535mm
Audition 600 635mm
Audition 700 735mm

Suositeltu määrä Atabites jalustaparille:

Audition 300     2 purkkia        Audition 400     3 purkkia       Audition 500       4 purkkia        Audition 600     5 purkkia        Audition 700     6 purkkia



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