Naim Audio NAC 332


New Classic – sarjan esivahvistimella pidät asiat yksinkertaisina musiikillisesta laadusta tinkimättä

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”Olemme yhdistäneet 50 vuoden kokemuksemme uusimpaan teknologiaan määritellessämme kotihifin uudelleen. Tämä ulottuu aina kaikkien aikojen parhaasta suorituskyvystä luokassaan, lisätyistä ominaisuuksista ja joustavuudesta ympäristöystävällisiin elementteihin – uudet Classic-tuotteet kuluttavat alle 0,5 W valmiustilassa.” Steve Sells, Naim Audion suunnittelujohtaja (laitteisto).

NAC 332

NAC 332 is the “analogue centre” of your system, delivering optimal performance to your amplifier and loudspeakers. Naim’s most versatile preamplifier to date, you can connect headphones as well as the NVC TT phono preamplifier for listening to vinyl. Use the included remote control to control the volume and inputs in just one click.

Taking several elements from the Statement S1 preamplifier, a benchmark product at Naim, NAC 332 combines performance and versatility thanks to its multiple functions. It allows you to connect many sources, from an amplifier to headphones, as well as a turntable or CD player. Its optimised Naim circuits deliver enhanced musical performance from all your sources and limit internal noise for uncompromising sound quality.

Naim know-how

Under the leadership of our Technical Director, our engineers have developed specific electronic circuits to give the New Classic products superior performance. The best components have been chosen for NAC 332 and are mounted on printed circuit boards with metallic holes for increased quality. The architecture of the Statement volume knob has been used. Added to this are a high-performance transistor and balanced outputs that preserve sound quality over long distances and allow rack installation.

A timeless design

Naim products are designed to be both contemporary and timeless. Our creations forgo any unnecessary adornments that would detract from the performance and sound quality delivered. The design of the NSS 332 is razor sharp, combining a sleek design, premium materials, and adjustable logo brightness.

Easy to use

Simplicity is the key. Buttons on the front panel allow quick access to standby mode, mute, and the inputs. For remote control, use the features of the bi-directional ZigBee remote, even without direct visibility of the product. The inputs are configurable so the product can be customised and a “Standby” option, consuming 0.5 Watts, reduces its energy consumption.

The story of Naim and aluminium

Our founder, Julian Vereker, immediately understood the many benefits of aluminium as a material for wrapping Naim electronic components. He knew that delicate audio components are very sensitive to the effects of magnetic fields, unstable temperatures, unwanted vibrations, etc.

Naimin tuotteet valmistetaan yhtiön omalla tehtaalla Salisburyssä, Englannissa.

Tekniset tiedot:

  • Taajuusvaste: 3Hz – 40KHz
  • Ylikuuluminen: 90dB
  • Särö: 0.003% (-90.5dB)
  • SNR: 104dB
  • Vahvistus: 15.5dB
  • Otot: DIN (8 pin), 2x DIN (5 pin), 3x RCA,
  • Annot: XLR, RCA, 6.35mm (kuulokkeille 1.5W@16Ω)
  • Mitat (L/K/S): 432 x 91.5 x 317.5 mm
  • Virrankulutus: 20 W (idle), 0.5 W (valmiustilassa)
  • Paino: 11 kg

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