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C51 epitomizes the composed, satisfying character that defines the Cadenza line.


MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier

Compact, elegant, powerful

The C51 Integrated Amplifier represents the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Gorgeous to look at and brilliant in design, the C51’s five discrete softkey buttons are located above a seductive, blue-light display that’s elegantly poised over a solid brass knob. Behind the handsome, lacquered aluminum faceplate is a whole other realm of brilliant design. The high-output power amplifiers in the Cadenza line were the first to use MBL’s LASA (Linear Analog Switching Amplifier) power technology, the brainchild of MBL chief designer Jürgen Reis. This proprietary amplifier technique allows the C51 to drive complex speaker loads with absolute control. A bristling formation of twelve charging capacitors, powered by a MU-metal-shielded toroidal transformer, provides 300 watts per channel. The crowning glory of the chassis design can be found on the top surface: a sunken acrylic disc with the MBL logo illuminated by a dimmable halo of light to create your desired ambience.

The MBL C51 epitomizes the composed, satisfying character that defines the Cadenza line. Listeners enjoy tremendous clarity of detail, a where’s-the-orchestra-hiding sound stage, and an understated, elegant aesthetic that is impossible to miss.

Leading-edge Amplifier Technology

LASA amplifier technology ensures a completely stable amplifier circuit, even under complex loudspeaker loads. By combining the favored capabilities of traditional Class A and Class AB amplifiers with switch-mode output topology, LASA delivers the homogeneous THD curve of Class A operation, the stable frequency response of Class A / B circuits (even with complex loudspeaker loads), and the high efficiency of a class D amplifier. The result is a power amplifier circuit that remains completely stable even under the heaviest loads. LASA creates a refined tapestry of outstanding sound, while immersing the listener in an aural wave of notes presented as though from the actual instrument.

Unity Gain – Quality via tapering

Unity Gain exemplifies the promise of less is more by reducing the gain of the preamp by 8 decibels. This controlled reduction of levels rewards the listener with significantly lower noise and distortion. The immediate result is maximum transparency and clarity with rich dynamics and incomparable resolution. Between the C11 preamplifier and the integrated C51 amplifier, along with the preamplifiers and power amplifiers within the distinct MBL family lines, the power amplifiers are adapted accordingly so they are sensitive enough to compensate for the lower output voltages of the preamplifiers. When used in conjunction with less sensitive power amplifiers, Unity Gain can be bypassed by using a different input.

Tekniset tiedot:

  • Jatkuva teho: 2x 400 W (2Ω), 2x 300 W W (4Ω), 2x 180 W (8Ω)
  • Otot: 2x CD (RCA), 2x AUX (RCA), Pass-Through (RCA), XLR (unity), Phono MC (valinnainen)
  • Annot: RCA (esivahvistin), RCA (Fixed Out), kaiutinliittimet
  • Muut liitännät: MBL SmartLink, SD-kortti (päivittämiseen), Maadoitus nasta (phono)
  • Antovirta: 20 A (max)
  • Mitat (L x K x S): 450 x 145 x 427 mm
  • Paino: 23 kg

Phono MC

Kyllä, Ei

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