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Äärimmäisen helppokäyttöinen ja joustava kello Rossini sarjan laitteillesi kauniissa alumiinikotelossa


HUOM! Tämä on referenssikello dCS:n World Clock liittimillä varustetuille tuotteille ei toimi stand alone D/A muuntimena.


Our latest generation Rossini system combines state-of-the-art engineering with exquisite craftsmanship and a timeless aesthetic, delivering a performance that is equal parts detailed and expressive. Choose from an integrated Player or dedicated DAC, CD/SACD Transport and Clock for a unique experience that encapsulates our singular approach to digital playback

Rossini Master Clock

Designed for maximum flexibility as output configuration can be optimised in systems with a wide variety of digital audio sources

Dual crystal oscillators with microcontroller-enhanced temperature correction

New dual frequency output and auto- clocking mode used in the Vivaldi and Rossini range improves ease of use and minimises jitter, particularly with computer audio sources

Multi-stage regulation ensures sensitive clock and PLL circuitry is unaffected by digital interference

Aerospace-grade machined aluminium chassis fitted with tuned acoustic damping panels reduces magnetic effects and vibration


Timeless Design

Each model is encased in aerospace-grade aluminium, a lightweight material chosen for its acoustic properties, and fitted with internal acoustic damping panels to reduce mechanical vibration and magnetic effects. Panels are sculpted using state-of-the-art milling machines and treated with a smooth and durable pearlescent coating.

From the precision engineered casework to the the hardware and software running deep within its core, each aspect of the Rossini has been refined to deliver the purest sound with the lowest possible distortion. Crafted from the finest materials, and built to exacting standards, each system is exhaustively tested and inspected prior to leaving our factory to ensure the utmost quality and reliability.


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-3x erikseen puskuroitua BNC lähtöä (75 Ω)
-Lähtö1: Lukittu 44.1kHz
-Lähtö 2: lukittu 48kHz
-Lähtö 3: Vaihdettava 44.1 ja 48kHz välillä RS232:lla

-Kellon tarkkuus: parempi, kuin ±1ppm (10-30°C välillä kuljetettuna) ±0.1ppm, kuljetuksen ja stabiloinnin jälkeen.
-Tehon kulutus: 3 W (4 W max)
-Mitat K x L x S: 64 x 444 x 435 mm
-Paino: 8.3 kg


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