Bergmann Audio.

All products are developed, produced and assembled inhouse. Every single part in the products are designed by Johnnie Bergmann and manufactured in the Bergmann workshop in Denmark.


The Founder

My background


Music and highend sound reproduction, has had my attention/interest, since my childhood.

As a teenager, I bought my first audio system- Micro Seiki table, Rega arm, Ortofon cartridge, NAD pre-/amp and Dali speakers. All hifi magazines, I came across, were read carefully. At that time- in the 80.ties- I became familiar with the airbearing technic. To me it was obvious the most optimal way to build the perfect turntable. I also realized the brands in the 80.ties had some drawbacks- and were problematic and unstable to operate, for the end user.

When I- qua my interest in music and highend audio, and my education as mechanical engineer, began developing the airbearing turntables- tonearms, one of my goals were to eliminate these old drawbacks the airbearing technic were known for.


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